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Hotels at Leeds Bradford Airport

If you have an early flight, or need to stay at the airport for one night, have a look at our cheap airport hotels at Leeds Bradford Airport section to find the option the option that fits you the best.

Our hotels section will help you to find the hotel that best fits your needs, starting from the very basic services such as bed and breakfast in Leeds Bradford Airport, to luxury swimming pools and meeting rooms for executives.

Car Hire at Leeds Bradford Airport

Car hire at Leeds Bradford Airport is really straight-forward. Whether collecting the hired car for your onward journey, or dropping it off before the departure, leading car hire branches are well situated at the airport and easy to find. However, we strongly suggest comparing and pre-booking your car hire in advance to save.

Cheap Flights from Leeds Bradford Airport

The list of destinations available from Leeds Bradford Airport is changing all the time; more and more exciting corners of the world become available to travellers opting to fly from Leeds Bradford Airport.

Find out where and what airline is ready to take you to from Leeds Bradford Airport, and get a great deal on your flights by comparing available options, both direct and through connections.

Leeds Bradford departures information

The ground floor of the main terminal provides access to gates 1-7, numerous shops and restaurants. Smoking areas and toilet/baby changing facilities are also located next to the escalator, as well as a special assistance point which is inbetween the Sports Bar and Camden Food Co. It is approximately a 3-4 minute to gates 6 and 7 from the main ground floor area.

To get to gates 8-10, you’ll need to go up the escalator to the first floor where you will also find the airports only lounge, The Yorkshire. This floor also has many eateries, shops, a World Duty Free section and a few ATMs.

Leeds Bradford flight destinations

Leeds Bradford Airport offer a fantastic selection of routes, from Canada to Australia and many others inbetween! Take a look at our cheap flights from Leeds Bradford page to get a few quotes on flight prices.

See all flight destinations below:

Short Haul Flight Time Medium Haul Flight Time Long Haul Flight Time
Aberdeen 1 Hour 5 Mins Kuwait City 5 Hours 50 Mins Buenos Aires 13 Hours 40 Mins
Belfast 1 Hour Bourgas 3 Hours 50 Mins Brisbane 20 Hours
Glasgow 1 Hour 5 Mins Larnarca 5 Hours 20 Mins Melbourne 20 Hours 40 Mins
Guernsey 1 Hour 30 Mins Paphos 5 Hours 15 Mins Perth 17 Hours 45 Mins
Jersey 1 Hour 30 Mins Athens 4 Hours Sydney 20 Hours 40 Mins
London Heathrow 50 Mins Corfu 3 Hours 30 Mins Cairns 18 Hours 20 Mins
Newquay 1 Hour 20 Mins Crete 4 Hours 30 Mins Rio De Janeiro 11 Hours 30 Mins
Southampton 1 Hour Halkidiki / Thessaloniki 3 Hours 40 Mins Sao Paulo 11 Hours 40 Mins
Innsbruck 2 Hours 15 Mins Kefalonia 3 Hours 45 Mins Toronto 6 Hours 45 Mins
Salzburg 2 Hours 15 Mins Kos 4 Hours 30 Mins Vancouver 9 Hours 15 Mins
Vienna 2 Hours 15 Mins Rhodes 4 Hours 40 Mins Calgary 8 Hours 15 Mins
Brussels 1 Hour 30 Mins Zante 3 Hours 50 Mins Quebec 5 Hours 35 Mins
Dubrovnik 3 Hours Tel Aviv 5 Hours 50 Mins Beijing 9 Hours 50 Mins
Pula 2 Hours 20 Mins Malta 3 Hours 40 Mins Hong Kong 11 Hours 40 Mins
Split 2 Hours 40 Mins Madeira 4 Hours Shanghai 11 Hours 5 Mins
Prague 2 Hours 15 Mins Jeddah 6 Hours Chengdu 10 Hours
Copenhagen 1 Hour 50 Mins Fuerteventura 4 Hours 40 Mins Mumbai 8 Hours 50 Mins
Bergerac 1 Hour 55 Mins Lanzarote 4 Hours 30 Mins Kuala Lumpur 12 Hours 55 Mins
Limoges 1 Hour 45 Mins Las Palmas / Gran Canaria 4 Hours 30 Mins Dubai 6 Hours 50 Mins
Marseille 2 Hours 20 Mins Tenerife 4 Hours 45 Mins Langkawi 12 Hours 25 Mins
Nice 2 Hours 5 Mins Antalya 4 Hours 50 Mins Singapore 13 Hours 15 Mins
Paris 1 Hour 50 Mins Bodrum 4 Hours 30 Mins Bangkok 11 Hours 40 Mins
Dusseldorf 1 Hour 50 Mins Dalaman 4 Hours 40 Mins Boston 6 Hours 10 Mins
Munich 2 Hours 10 Mins Istanbul 4 Hours 10 Mins Chicago 7 Hours 30 Mins
Berlin 1 Hour 55 Mins Fort Lauderdale 8 Hours 30 Mins
Frankfurt 1 Hour 35 Mins Hawaii 13 Hours 55 Mins
Cologne 2 Hours Las Vegas 9 Hours 55 Mins
Budapest 2 Hours 30 Mins Los Angeles 10 Hours 20 Mins
Dublin 55 Mins Miami 8 Hours 30 Mins
Naples 2 Hours 55 Mins New York 6 Hours 30 Mins
Pisa 2 Hours 15 Mins Orlando 8 Hours 20 Mins
Rome 2 Hours 35 Mins Phoenix 10 Hours
Venice 2 Hours 10 Mins San Diego 10 Hours 30 Mins
Verona 2 Hours 5 Mins San Francisco 10 Hours 10 Mins
Milan 2 Hours 15 Mins Washington DC 7 Hours
Riga 2 Hours 30 Mins Abu Dhabi 6 Hours 50 Mins
Vilnius 2 Hours 40 Mins
Amsterdam 1 Hours 25 Mins
Bergen 1 Hour 35 Mins
Oslo 1 Hour 55 Mins
Stavanger 2 Hours 10 Mins
Gdansk 2 Hours 5 Mins
Krakow 2 Hours 25 Mins
Warsaw 2 Hours 25 Mins
Faro 2 Hours 10 Mins
Bratislava 2 Hours 20 Mins
Alicante 2 Hours 40 Mins
Almeria 2 Hours 55 Mins
Barcelona 2 Hours 15 Mins
Girona 2 Hours 10 Mins
Ibiza 2 Hours 35 Mins
Madrid 2 Hours 20 Mins
Menorca / Mahon 2 Hours 35 Mins
Murcia 2 Hours 45 Mins
Reus 2 Hours 15 Mins
Geneva 1 Hour 55 Mins
Zurich 1 Hour 55 Mins

Where to check in at Leeds Bradford Airport and when to arrive

Check in is located on the ground floor, there are two check in halls, A and B. Self service check in is located opposite check in hall A, if you are able to use this service, we would recommend doing so, you should find the process quicker.

When should I arrive at the airport?

Check in times vary for with each airline and destination, so please check with your airline, but as a general rule of thumb:

  • International flights – arrive and check in an hour and a half before your flight departs.
  • UK and Ireland flights – arrive and check in one hour before your flight departs.

Why not pay a little extra for Leeds Bradford Fast Track, skip the queues meaning less stress and even more duty free browsing time!

You can buy these in advance for £4 per person (on average but prices start from £3). A family of four with two kids and two adults costs just £8 since kids can use fast track for free at Leeds.

We highly recommend using this service if you’re travelling as a young family or with extra needs passengers such as autism… or if you’re simply not a fan of the queues!

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