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Airport Parking at Leeds Bradford

There are a number of parking options available if you drive to Leeds Bradford airport. Choose from the options below to find the cheapest parking for you.

Leeds Bradford Airport Parking - Short Stay

Short Stay Parking

Up to 30 minutes £3.00
Up to 60 minutes £7.00
1-2 hours £11.00
2-3 hours £15.00
3-6 hours £24.00
6-24 hours £34.00
Up to 2 days £63.00
Up to 3 days £92.00
Up to 4 days £121.00
Up to 5 days £150.00
Cost per each extra day over 5 days £29.00

Short-stay parking is situated directly in front of the terminal building.

And thus, this car park is ideal if you are just picking someone up or dropping them off.

You can just turn up and park but if you wish to save money you can also pre-book the short stay car park.

Remember to take your ticket with you, for on your return you should pay at the paystation in the terminal and car park barrier. If you lose your ticket it will be a minimum charge of £90. Any payments over £100 will have to be paid at the Travelex Foreign Exchange desk in the terminal building.

Leeds Bradford Airport Parking - Long Stay

Long-stay car parks are located close to the terminal building. Prices start at £5 per day with a minimum charge of £25.

Although you can book long-stay parking on the day it is recommended that you book it well in advance to ensure availability and to take advantage of advance booking discounts, as it may work out cheaper if you book before hand rather than leaving it to the last minute.

There is a shuttle bus that operates between the terminal building and long stay car park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You should allow 15 - 20 minutes for the shuttle bus journey.

Parking at Airport Hotels

It's also worth noting that sometimes getting an airport hotel with parking included can work out to the same price (or cheaper) as parking alone, and is often far more convenient if you've got an early flight.

Airport Hotel Shop compares all the top hotel providers to get the cheapest prices, often saving up to 60%. At Leeds there are 6 airport hotels to choose from.