Travel Tips: Getting to Leeds Pride


It’s that time of year again, when the sun is shining and the Prides are marching! Leeds Pride is taking place on the 5th of August 2018.

Hoards of people will descend on the city to enjoy live music and performances, the main parade and festival atmosphere. We thought it would be useful to write some special travel tips for the day to help you make the most of it and stay safe.


Sunday 5th August 2018 – temperatures are forecast to reach 26°C!
This year, “TransLeeds” will lead the Parade from Millenium Square at 11.30am.


  • Parade from Millenium Square to Lower Briggate (beginning at 11.30am)
  • Market Place, Leeds Bridge: Stalls all day
  • Barclays Family Hub: Child-friendly zone by Leeds Bridge includes Story Time and Panto
  • Sainsbury’s Parade Stage in Millenium Square: Live acts from 12pm including Shena and Kira
  • Manchester Airport San Francisco Stage on Lower Briggate: Live Acts from 3pm
  • Dance Arena and DJ Booth, Leeds Bridge: from 2.30pm dance to the decks

If you’re looking to change the gender on your passport to travel through Leeds Bradford Airport, see our friends over at Airport Parking Shop who have a step-by-step guide to get you sorted. Happy Travelling!


  • Know your flight details.
    See the online airport arrivals and departures board.
  • Find your transport to get into Leeds City Centre (it’s over 8 miles away)
    Have a look at your bus, coach and train options – there’ll be so many people going, even public buses can carry a party atmosphere!
  • Travelling in a group, why not take a cab?
    Taxis – great option if you’re travelling in a group and can split the cost. It’s also great if you’re nervous about travelling to pride and need a little space or don’t want strange looks from bystanders on the train.


Safety tips:

Here’s our step-by-step on keeping safe at Leeds Pride this year!

  • Have a plan!
    ‘winging it’ can mean you get lost in an unknown city and airport. Know your flight times, your accomodation details and event times. Link to Airport arrivals and destinations, accomodation
  • Respect Airport security!
    You’ll be treated the same as any other passenger so if you’re travelling with unusual items, don’t be surprised or offended if security guards pick you out because of it – you’re not being outed for your gender or identity, it might purely be that your outfit carries more metal than usual or you forgot to unpack your make up from your hand luggage. If in doubt, put it in the hold luggage.
  • More the Merrier (and safer)!
    Travel in a group where possible, safety in numbers and the more the merrier
  • Have a back-up rendez-vous point!
    Really useful way to find your friends and family if you get seperated
  • Stick to the main routes and venues where possible
    There are marked routes for a reason, it’s the best and also safest place to be
  • Report any issues, intolerance or strange behaviour.
    If you’re at the airport, talk to a member of airport staff or police and event organisers when you get to the event on the day
  • Be considerate of other passengers.
    Be tolerant or engage with other people’s views, LGBTQ+ is about unity not difference. Remember that Leeds Bradford is an international airport and not all cultures will be as accepting or as excited about Leeds Pride
  • It’s getting hot in here!
    It could be one of the hottest Pride events of the year with temperatures reaching 26°C! Stay hydrated, pack lots of water and take sun cream (just remember that liquids over 100ml won’t pass security – this includes sun cream)
  • Let your accomodation hosts know your plans.
    When booking local accomodation, it might be worth letting them know you’re headed to Pride so coming in at late hours and dressing up won’t come as a surprise to your hosts
  • Enjoy the day!
    Have fun out there and express yourself – that’s what it’s all about!


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