Thomas Cook to set up at Leeds-Bradford Airport

Thomas Cook Airlines has based a new aircraft at Leeds Bradford Airport, with the specific aim of serving summer holidaymakers from around the Yorkshire region. Thomas Cook has taken the decision due to high demand from customers, believing that it will prove economically beneficial to increase its services at the popular regional airport. In response to the decision, Tony Hallwood, Leeds Bradford’s Commercial and Aviation Development Director, said that the airport had recognised the need for passengers to be able to fly from their local airport rather than having to travel to Manchester or London. He added that he is ‘delighted’ that Thomas Cook has also seen that need and increased the choice of holiday destinations for Yorkshire travellers.

The airline’s new craft is an 180-seater Airbus A320, which this month began serving seventeen popular holiday destinations around the world including Turkey, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and the Canary Islands. The flights will increase the number of services flying from the airport during the summer season by seventeen percent, which it is hoped will bring significant economic benefits to the surrounding area.

The new flights follow the full incorporation of ‘My Travel Airways’ into Thomas Cook airlines, which took place at the end of March, enabling it to add forty two new Airbus and Boeing aircrafts to its national summer schedule. As well as Leeds Bradford, Thomas Cook has a strong presence at other regional airports such as Bristol and East Midlands and also operates from a number of the UK’s largest airports including London Stansted, Birmingham and Belfast International.

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