Remember, remember the 9th of November….

…As the day Leeds saw 6cm of the first winter snow and had to close the airport overnight!

Thankfully, the efforts of the gritters and ploughs meant that the airport reopened around 9am. The weather has caused 2 flights (one of the destinations being Dublin) to be cancelled as well as various delays on arrival and departure flights.

The area of Leeds, more specifically surrounding the cross-Pennine length of the M62, was hit with with a bout of snow which caused a number of minor accidents resulting in dramatically slowed traffic.

Anyone driving into and around the airport have been warned of any delays that may be incurred and highlighted that checking the forecast for the near future is important to prevent wasted trips with major roads such as the M6, A66, M62 and the A628 all predicted to be affected by the upcoming weather.

The AA have reported that they have already experienced their busiest day (Nov 9th) on record this year with more than 10,000 calls, the majority being flat batteries and cold weather related issued.

Being a huge contributor to the smooth running of Leeds Bradford Airport, Leeds train stations have also been massively affected by cold weather and impacting snow. Trains between the destinations of Sheffield and London, which provide transport links to the airport for many passengers, has been experiencing heavy delays. This is combined with the amber “be aware” weather alert which has been issued for the North and Midlands with forecasts expecting heavy rain coming which will result in turning snow to sleet.

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