Leeds Bradfords Building Proposal for New Terminal and Flight Times

Official representatives of Leeds Bradford Airport alongside Leeds City councillors have recently revealed Leeds Bradfords building proposal to the general public regarding the construction of a new terminal and an increase of flight times at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Building Proposal

The announcement took place at Parkway Mercure Hotel where they told the public that plans for a new £150 million terminal had been revamped, with printouts suggesting that it would be a “State of the art building, that would significantly improve the experience for everyone”. In the meantime, this extension of the airport has also prompted the proposal of extended flight times from 7am-11pm to 6am-11:30pm.

Building Proposal for New Terminal and Flight Times at Leeds Bradford Airport

Information from the event has also suggested that the proposed change in flight times has been done for the purpose of making the airport more flexible rather than for the purpose of making sure flights take off earlier or later than they currently do.

It’s also claimed that the proposed facility would economically benefit the Leeds City Region, creating 13,000 new jobs and contributing £820 million by the end of 2030.

Environmental Effects

However the new proposal has sparked conversation among environmentalists who’ve expressed their concerns about how the the additional flight hours would impact the site’s carbon footprint.

Counsellor Jonathan Taylor was quoted, “There is concern from my constituents in Horsforth – we understand the desire from the airport to change its daytime hours and there is no mitigation.

“If you look at Heathrow, there are no scheduled flights between 11.30pm and 4am – something like that would be welcome. They want to change the times to be in line with other European airports – that is an understandable request.”

“But concerns around flight times need to be addressed, and this application does not do that.”

In response to this, Leeds Bradford Airport released a statement saying:

“Our consultation events are for the benefit of the entire community, and we commit to giving people the opportunity to have their say on our proposals. We recognise the importance of the environmental challenges we all face, and we welcome feedback from interested groups. This is an important stage in the planning process, as well as the first step in creating a more sustainable infrastructure in the North of England.”

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