Leeds Bradford gets eco recognition

For those in the north-east wishing to salve their consciences with regards to flying off on their summer holidays, news that Leeds Bradford airport has recently been granted an eco certification may make them feel better.

The ISO 14001 is internationally recognised as the gold standard for environmental management and was awarded following a recent audit of the airport.

Measures taken by Leeds Bradford to ensure that environmental responsibility is top of the agenda include:

  • Noise Awareness – Noise Preferential Routes mean that departing flights travel over the less populated areas of the city. Furthermore, Target Noise Levels are set, especially for night-time flights, and the Quota Count ensures that only the quietest of planes are allowed to operate at night.
  • Emissions and Discharges – the nitrogen dioxide levels are monitored at six points around the perimeter of the airport
  • Access and Transport – a number of public transport initiatives has meant that passengers are able to leave their cars at home when flying out of Leeds Bradford
  • Waste Management – several recycling initiatives aimed at passengers and airport employees have led to an increase in recycling, with a target rate of 20% by 2010
  • Energy Management – low-energy light bulbs and incentives for on-site businesses are saving money as well as improving the state of the environment
  • Water Management – automatic flow controls in toilets and sinks, combined with speedy detection of leaks, keeps water wastage to a minimum

An airport spokesman has expressed his delight at receiving the award which demonstrates the airport’s hard work and commitment to making Leeds Bradford an environmentally sound departure point for their customers.

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