Leeds Bradford Airport lands new documentary on ITV

A brand new documentary all about Leeds Bradford Airport has arrived on ITV as part of a 6 part documentary which was filmed over the summer of 2018, narrated by Hugh Dennis. The show began on Tuesday the 16th of July at 8.30pm on ITV, and introduces viewers to a range of staff on-site at the airport.

But specifically, who do you meet? First of all, Duty Manager Nathan, who prides himself within customer service & interaction with a smile, even when he trying to fix faulty arrival doors or announcing a toilet leak. Then we meet Passenger Services Agent Chole, known around the airport as a “Holiday Superhero”. The size of the problem is no issue for Chloe, so issues such as herding boozy Brits to Ibiza or handling potentially explosive wheelchair batteries really is light work for her.

Other stand out characters include Airside Operations Manager, Jamie, who cannot be phased, (even by a melting runway!) as well as Baggage Boys Jimmy & Brooks, who together make the master and student of the ground crew who never fail to make everyone smile.

What happens in episode 1? The documentary covers Operations Manager Jamie dealing with a plane making an emergency landing at Leeds Bradford after its cockpit warning alarm shows the plane door is still open, Terminal Manager Nathan handling a potential disaster with a blocked international arrivals door, and we discover if Check-in Supervisor Chloe can keep control of a plane-load of frustrated passengers bound for Ibiza during what for some becomes a booze-fuelled 6 hour delay.

As with every airport in the world, security is a huge importance. This is where 20 year old Security Supervisor Connor comes in; the show covers his Airside Red Patrols where he has a penchant for the latest perfumes, and casts a keen eye over customers choice of luggage. Although Connor claims to “not do blood” he does indeed provide a safe watch over the medical emergency on an inbound flight from Amsterdam, even if that does mean he doesn’t spot the Hollywood actor who was also on board..!

Leeds Bradford Airport isn’t the biggest UK airport, but with owners having green lighted a huge multi million pound investment, the airport is undergoing a huge makeover and is ultimately on the up! A recent Department of Transport report expects LBA to become the fastest growing airport in the UK and hit passenger numbers of 7 million per year by 2030.

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Leeds Bradford Airport documentary

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