Leeds Airport set to employ 3000 people

Approximately 3000 new jobs are going to be made available in the West Yorkshire region after an expansion to Leeds Bradford Airport has been completed. The terminal building at the airport is set to be expanded in a scheme which is part of an overall plan costing around seventy million pounds. Leeds Council will be presented with the proposed master plan later this month and, if the planning application is accepted, work will begin early next year.

The airport officials hope that the expansion to the terminal building will see passenger numbers increase to five million per year by the end of 2013. John Parkin, the chief executive of the airport, has spoken about the other motivational factor behind the scheme. Leeds Bradford Airport wishes to attract passengers who usually choose to travel to Manchester. Parkin believes that “we need to get the facilities and services here in our back yard so that we address the transport requirements of the region in the region”.

The new terminal building will have a new passenger security screening zone, a brand new departure lounge, a better baggage reclaim hall, and improved facilities for immigration. The current building has often been criticised for becoming congested very easily and there is poor segregation between passengers arriving and passengers departing.

Furthermore, access to Leeds Bradford Airport will be made easier, with £450,000 expected to be invested in improving roads around the airport. Rail options are also being considered at the moment. The airport currently offers 76 routes but this number is set to increase rapidly over the coming years.

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