Free hold bags for Jet2 passengers

Even the most disciplined of travellers can find it difficult to get everything they need, even for a short break, into the small piece of luggage permitted as carry-on baggage these days. However, many people are loathe to end up paying more in charges for “optional extras” than they have paid for the actual airfare.

There are of course certain things which you cannot help having to fork out for, such as Ryanair’s charge for checking-in online (hardly an option now that it is not possible to check in at the airport), but baggage is a contentious issue.

It was good news therefore when Jet2 announced their offer last week for free check-in baggage, up to 22kg, for passengers travelling between May and October from Leeds Bradford, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle and Blackpool airports to a range of European destinations – a saving of almost £20 for a return trip.

Jet 2 are unusual amongst the low-cost carriers in offering allocated seating, so for those of us who are fed up with the scrum that takes place on certain budget airlines, even on occasions when Speedy Boarding passes have been purchased, this would seem to be a distinct advantage.

The airline offers flights to a large number of European destinations as well as New York. The Jet2 boss, Philip Meeson, said that city breaks are becoming more popular than ever, and certainly with the latest offer on free baggage his customers will be able to enjoy the shopping opportunities at their destination as well as the cultural highlights.

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