Airport rail link proposed for Leeds-Bradford Airport

A recent report has proposed that a rail link could feasibly be introduced to Leeds-Bradford Airport to connect the airport with key locations across West Yorkshire. The report estimates that, if the plans are approved, the project will cost between £17 and £25 million, introducing the airport to five different routes across the Leeds and Bradford region.

It has been suggested that the state-of-the art rail link would use tram-trains to transport passengers to and from the airport as quickly as possible with the line spanning the following routes:

  • Leeds – Harrogate – York
  • Horsforth – Leeds – Bradford Airport – Guisely
  • Bradford Forster Square – Guisely
  • Leeds – Lower Aire Valley – Five Towns – Wakefield

The proposed links would make travelling to the airport considerably easier for a large number of airport passengers and make using the airport a lot more attractive for people living in West Yorkshire.

The proposals are being managed by international business consultants Arup, who have written the report detailing the potential route of the line, along with estimated project costs. The report was presented to the Metro’s Rail Working Group on May 15 and highlighted the link between the airport and the Harrogate line which would provide a direct connection with Leeds City Centre. The report also said that, if tram-trains were used to link the airport to the Bradford Forster Square – Guisely route, extra costs would be used for the necessary doubling of the single track between Shipley and Estholt East.

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