A 100 temporary seasonal jobs became available at Leeds Bradford Airport

The owners of Leisure Airline and Jet2.com, based over at the Yeadon Hub, have recently opened over 100 temporary jobs at Leeds Bradford Airport. In addition to this, they also aim to open 500 more seasonal staff roles for the summer of 2016 across their seven UK Northern bases, as well as several of their European destinations. Along with its neighbouring package service JEt2Holidays, the airline have been aiming to fill roles for it’s 50 holiday destinations which include; Passenger service agents, cabin crew members, baggage handlers and overseas based holiday reps. HR are expected to be swarmed with applications.

The General Manager of of Jet2.com Kay McCormick said “We know that many people start looking for a new job in the New Year and so we hope to have a great response to our call out. For anyone who might think they haven’t got the right experience or might be unsuitable, we draw from a pretty wide range of ages, backgrounds and experiences. We’d encourage anybody who is interested to apply for one of the many roles available.”Chief Executive Philip Meeson of Dart Group, who own Jet2, has managed to boost revenues to more than £1 billion for the first time last year predominantly due to a highly productive summer.

Furthermore, Dart Group announced in September 2015 they intend to spend £1.7 billion on 27 new Boeing 737-800NG aircrafts in order to reach the same level of predicted growth in the leisure industry. The new aircrafts will be phased in throughout the next 2 years up to April 2018. Want to keep up to date with all of the Leeds Bradford Airport information? Follow @Airport_Guides on Twitter and on Facebook for all the news you need to see.

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